Charlie In The 60's 

It was only a short nap.... I promise.... 2:17

What a work ethic..... eat while you work !

Does RCA Victor mean CB had a deal with the record guys ?


Remote from Pep Boys Tire Department CB and Russ Spooner -  "Was it whitewalls or blackwalls?"

Charlie Brown with Globetrotters proving White Men Can't Jump

Charlie with Barry Sadler (Ballad of Green Berets) Did this get Ranger Walker started ?


CB with Len Barry and Ranger Walker

Wow !  the KIX Men of Music looked downright respectable at times !  That's Gene Pitney in the middle, Tommy Woods looking over his shoulder, Bob Jones to his left, Charlie, Tommy walker and Russ Spooner at the bottom

Always big with the celebs - left to right - Jimmy Capps, Andy Williams, bob Jones, Charlie Brown and Columbia Records Salesman - Dave Atkinson


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